Interview: Mobility Consultancy

Interview: Mobility Consultancy

The mobility world is undergoing significant change. Is your mobility policy still in line with all the developments in the market and your employees’ wishes? Bas Bogerd, responsible for Mobility Consultancy at XXImo, explains how XXImo can help you with this complex mobility puzzle and about the new Mobility Scan that provides your business with valuable analyses, insights and recommendations.

Can you tell us what Mobility Consultancy involves?

We help employers with all their issues around mobility. There are many challenges that companies need to and want to respond to in terms of their employees’ mobility. So for them it is very important to have a good picture of relevant market developments, regulations, the organisation’s mobility objectives, the mobility solutions which are available and of course – very importantly – the wishes of their employees. It adds up to a complex puzzle which we can help businesses solve.

Where do you start when helping these businesses?

I always say: ‘start at the beginning’. Why does a company want to update its mobility policy, what needs to change and why? It is important to get that clear first. A strategic workshop with all the stakeholders is usually our starting point. Often there are representatives from HR, Finance, Compensations & Benefits, Procurement and preferably also the Works Council at the table.

What mobility challenges do you encounter a lot?

A lot has changed in recent years. Employers have realised that many employees don't need to come to the office every day to do their jobs. We are travelling differently and travelling less. As a result, fiscal changes have been implemented in the untaxed kilometre allowance and a home working allowance has been created.

There is an stronger emphasis on electrifying the vehicle fleet, employees are demanding greater freedom of choice in the way they travel and there are new obligations on the way in terms of CO2 mobility reporting. A whole list of challenges. Every company understands the urgency of doing business mobility differently. I see this as a kind of ‘mobility reset’ which is happening at the moment. That means sitting down together to redesign policy, in such a way as to bring the policy back into line with all the developments and enable flexible adjustments in the future.

- Bas Bogerd, responsible for Mobility Consultancy within XXImo
Where do you start as a Mobility Consultant?

After the workshop, we start by performing the Mobility Scan. This is a very thorough analysis in which we look at the travel movements of all employees through the prism of the objectives. We catalogue everything: current form of transport, commuting distance, business travel and alternative transport options. By ‘twiddling the knobs’ we can show what impact particular choices will have on, for example, CO2 emissions, costs, the number of charging points, parking spaces and office space. The outcome of the Mobility Scan generates a lot of valuable insights.

What does the XXImo Mobility Scan do for the business?

The advisory report makes very clear what the impact is of the mobility choices a business makes. The report also contains a ‘road map’ – we show the steps you need to take as an organisation in order to implement the changes, including a communication plan for all stakeholders and employees.

What happens after the Mobility Scan?

If the company decides to use the results of the consultancy report, once the contract has been drawn up the actual implementation of the new mobility options begins. Naturally XXImo helps them with that – our implementation manager plays a coordinating role.

Does Mobility Consultancy have all the required mobility knowledge in-house?

Absolutely! We also collaborate a lot with all the different parts of the Autobinck Group, of which XXImo is one – Fleet Support for everything to do with leasing and Toogether for all kinds of parking solutions, for example. They are all innovative organisations with a lot of knowledge and experience. Our services are complementary, so in this way we can serve all our customers in all areas.

I should also mention that we are very familiar with the laws and regulations of our neighbouring countries, Belgium and Germany. XXImo Mobility Consultancy is active there too.