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If you want to properly organise the corporate mobility for you employees, there’s a lot to consider. After all, mobility is much more than a mobility card and an app. It involves working with personal data and IT systems with the correct authorisations. Access to convenient mobility services that you can pay for safely and easily. It also means proper support with all your questions and assistance in the implementation of a mobility scheme in your organisation. At XXImo, your mobility is organised well in all areas.

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XXImo combines smart technology with the best personal service. This way, you can send your employees on business trips, without having to worry. Large organisations with strict requirements in the field of security, privacy and compliance are keen to work with us. We are happy to tell you all the things we do to offer this assurance.

  • To actually put our ambitions into practice, we have found the right partner in XXImo. Now we can arrange everything related to mobility with one platform, both for the employee and for Unilever itself

    Charlotte Potman

    Manager of Labor Relations

  • We started using the XXImo for all our lease drivers four years ago at the recommendation of our lease company. It turned out to be good move, because we no longer have separate claims flows, we offer employees travel convenience and at the same time keep a good grip on costs

    Liesbeth van den Hoek

    HR Advisor

  • "We want to increase the ease of use of business travel, but at the same time reduce the administrative burden for Deloitte. In XXImo we have found the right partner for this."

    Harry Vlaardingerbroek

    Chief Workplace Officer

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