Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Secure and contactless payment with your iPhone or Apple Watch

Pay in an instant with the devices you carry with you every day. With the help of an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can pay wherever contactless payment is accepted, including petrol stations or car parks. A physical mobility card and PIN are no longer required.This makes Apple Pay an ideal method of payment.Even more convenience in payment.

Ready for the future

Expectations are that, within a few years, making mobile payments will be possible just about anywhere, including in public transport. Travelling and mobile payments are already possible on a number of (test) routes in public transport. As a XXImo customer using Apple Pay, you are instantly ready for the future. The new digital world of mobility and payment. All this will make your life easier.

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Getting a head start

With Apple Pay, businesses benefit from even faster onboarding. The mobility card is instantly available in the Milo app and the plastic card is not needed. Activating Apple Pay is free and only takes a few quick steps. Super simple.

Leads the way in mobility