XXImo portal

XXImo portal

Mobility tailored to your organisation

A single place where you can arrange and view all the mobility of your organisation. Where you can instantly provide new recruits with the right mobility solutions, terminate mobility cards, manage budgets and monitor travel transactions and costs. Opting for XXImo means you can you do all this. In the XXImo Portal. Specially developed for organisations that are looking for convenience, flexibility and insight.

Insight and management

In the portal, you will find everything related to the business trips and commuter journeys of your employees. The method of travelling and the costs, for example. At total level, department level or employee level. It’s all transparent and as such interesting for various stakeholders in your organisation. Giving you full control with the option to make adjustments.

If you work with budgets or expense claims, we also provide payroll files to the payroll administration for payments or deductions. Remember that you can also link XXImo to your financial or HR systems. This offers additional convenience to large organisations with many employees and a high volumes of travel transactions.

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Self-service employers

No need to seek contact for every request, but simply arranging everything yourself. That saves time and money. We know what you want: fast decisions and fast action. Why complicate matters for no reason. You can manage all mobility in the XXImo Portal. It’s user-friendly and intuitive.

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You determine the mobility policy first, after which you’ll arrange the rest in the XXImo Portal. Here, you can set up multiple employee profiles with the corresponding travel options. You can also manage budgets per employee, employee group or mobility option. This ultimately depends on what you want and what your goals are. The good thing is that nothing is set in concrete, as you can make changes 24/7

  • What I like about XXImo as a supplier is that they really move with the times. Like CWT, XXImo has an international outlook, keeps its knowledge up to date and regularly adds new mobility options or features. As a customer, it’s great to know you're working with an innovative party that is really on top of things.

    Dalila Elouarti

    HR Specialist

  • To actually put our ambitions into practice, we have found the right partner in XXImo. Now we can arrange everything related to mobility with one platform, both for the employee and for Unilever itself

    Charlotte Potman

    Manager of Labor Relations

  • "We want to increase the ease of use of business travel, but at the same time reduce the administrative burden for Deloitte. In XXImo we have found the right partner for this."

    Harry Vlaardingerbroek

    Chief Workplace Officer

Leads the way in mobility