Hybrid working

Hybrid working

Benefits for employer and employee

Hybrid working

Hybrid working is currently the starting principle for many large companies. How we travel and work depends on our agenda and the agreements we make. This leads to freedom and (more) conscious choices. Including good employment practices. Hybrid working offers advantages to the employer, employee and society. As does the XXImo platform, which will support you in all this.

Less travel time
More freedom and productivity
More conscious choices
The agenda and agreements determine the workplace
Reimbursements based on work location
One platform
For the complete administration of mobility and working from home schemes
Hybrid working: what suits your organisation?

Does hybrid work suit your organisation? Of course it does! An inventory and discussions with employees will clarify which activities can be carried out ‘remotely’ and what wishes employees have when it comes to working from home and working at the office. Did you map out your mobility policy, the wishes of your organisation and employees? Tick. Your next step is to set up all forms of mobility and reimbursements on a single platform. This will make your life easier.

If the number of trips and the way in which employees travel change, a fixed travel allowance is no longer appropriate. You can now offer flexible and tax-free reimbursements based on the trips made. If more people work from home, travel expenses will be less. You use the homeworking allowance for days worked from home. This way, the employee is reimbursed based on the location where they work and the costs incurred.

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Varying work locations

The major advantage of working from home is no travel time and higher levels of concentration and productivity. A disadvantage is the lack of colleagues and social interaction. Hybrid working is the preferred option of many employees. An other option to working from home and at the office is flexible workspaces. Here too you can pay with XXImo.

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Increasing flexibility

XXImo helps many organisations making corporate mobility and the associated administration more flexible. Our services fit in seamlessly with the new way of working, travelling and administrating. Reports provide up-to-date insight, allowing you to manage the desired travel behaviour and costs.

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