Innovate together, always pay securely via the Visa network

The mobility market is developing non-stop. This requires quick switching, innovation and collaboration. Only then will you remain a frontrunner in corporate mobility. XXImo and Visa have been making mobility easier and more accessible for over a decade now. We’ve joined forces and every XXImo customer benefits from this.

Visa is the most widely accepted and most secure payment platform in the world. The XXImo mobility card uses the Visa network to facilitate transactions for mobility, but only those that have been approved by you as an employer in advance. You decide which transactions a user is allowed to make, how often, in which region, within what budget and at which suppliers. That way, you always stay in control.

Innovating together, always paying securely

Most people know Visa from the credit card, but Visa does so much more. For example, Visa is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating user-friendly payment for all forms of transport. From shared mobility to taxis, from public transport to parking and from refuelling to e-charging. With the arrival of Mobility-as-a-Service, Visa is promoting contactless paying by card, telephone and wearable as a method of identification and payment for transactions. In cities such as London, Vienna, Istanbul, Shanghai, New York, Miami and Singapore, many millions of people already travel every day using contactless payment. With this new digital contactless technology, XXImo and Visa are ready for Mobility-as-a-Service. Are you one of them?

Visa is the most secure platform
Fast contactless payment
Together we are ready for the future
Mobility as a Service
Mobility the way you want it

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