Flawless implementation based a detailed implementation and communication plan

Has the mobility policy been determined? Great, because this is the starting point of the XXImo implementation. Exciting as well, because this is the moment when everything that was on paper to date is put into practice.

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Project group

A project group is formed as part of the implementation. This group is made up of stakeholders from your organisation and XXImo. Together we ensure a flawless implementation in your organisation, based on a detailed implementation and communication plan. But there’s more. After implementation is complete, we continue to optimise together so that your objectives are achieved, while increasing the levels of adoption and ease of use.

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Platform set-up

Our platform offers complete freedom, but you decide. This applies to the content of the policy, but also to the division into employee groups or the level of budgets. You determined this at an earlier stage, possibly with the assistance of XXImo Consultancy. During the implementation phase, all choices you made are fed into in the XXImo platform. This defines the allowances, mobility services, budgets and employee profiles.

Ready, set, go!

Is everything correct in the systems? Then it’s time to digitally invite your employees to XXImo! They will receive an e-mail with clear instructions, after which easy and flexible travel can commence!

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