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Interview: Customer Care

Interview: Customer Care

If your company has chosen XXImo's business mobility solutions, you will probably encounter the XXImo Customer Care department. This enthusiastic team is ready to answer all your questions. They are committed to giving you the best customer experience! Would you like to know what this team does? We spoke to Iris van Hoeve, who is responsible for this department and is in daily contact with our customers.

What does the Customer Care department do exactly?

We are committed to providing the best service to our customers every day, by phone and mail. Most questions come from cardholders and customer contacts, but we also answer questions from our mobility partners and resellers. It is our job to help everyone as best we can.

What kind of questions do you receive?

It is very diverse. Questions can be about the delivery time or functioning of the mobility card, but also about our portal or app, making changes or questions about the invoice. We also process new card applications, loss and theft reports and help new employees with extra information about XXImo's many travel options. We also regularly dive into transactions when cardholders have questions about the specific registration of a trip or its cost.

Whatever the question, we initially try to answer it ourselves. If it is necessary for another department to look into it, we pass the question on internally. We then monitor progress and ensure that the customer receives the correct answer from XXImo. We are a real spider in a web.

Does each team member have the same knowledge?

The starting point is that all employees must have a good knowledge of all subjects; this is important because incoming questions can then be dealt with by everyone. However, over time each team member has developed his or her own specialism. This is easy, because it allows us to act quickly, there is always a source of information and we identify more quickly.

For example, if we notice that many questions are coming in about certain subjects, we look at why that is and what we can do about it. For example, by adjusting our instructions or the internal communication at the customer. We are also in close contact with our account management so that we all have a good idea of the questions that customers have. This also enables us to make adjustments quickly if necessary.

How are you informed of new customers or services?

If there is a new customer, product or service, I am always part of the project team. I think along, also about the impact on our team, for example, and ensure the proper briefing of the service desk. I am also a kind of filter, so that the team is not inundated with a lot of (irrelevant) information.

If there is a new implementation, we are extra alert from the start. We are the first to notice if things are not going quite right. Then calls and emails come in immediately and we are right on top of things. We have short lines of communication with account management and the customer so that quick action is possible.

What are you proud of?

The effort, enthusiasm and involvement of the team with our customers. There is a lot involved in customer contact: listening, thinking in terms of possibilities, a quick response, good solutions and also thinking along about alternative possibilities. If we cannot meet a request, then we are honest. We will tell you and help you think about what is possible, 'workarounds'. Customers appreciate our honesty and they give us the same feedback. And oh yes: we don't have long telephone queues. When customers call, they quickly get someone on the line to answer their question. In addition, my team works hard and it can sometimes be very busy. Nevertheless, we work well together and there is a good atmosphere.

Do you have any vacancies?

Yes, we can always use new employees. People who enjoy working in an innovative club, who like to take on many different tasks and who think along proactively about how we can keep improving the service to our customers. We are growing fast, so I almost always have a vacancy open.