Interview: Partner Manager

Interview: Partner Manager

XXImo’s Partner Manager is in daily contact with current and future mobility partners. “It's all about working together and a mobility offering that continues to match the needs and wishes of the customer”. We asked our Partner Manager some questions about that.

Can you tell us something about your role?

The mobility sector is undergoing rapid change. In my role, I track suppliers’ mobility offerings and developments in the market closely.

Together with our partners (suppliers), we make sure that all the mobility options we have match customers’ wishes and needs as well as possible. And of course I make sure all the contracts and processes with our partners are structured effectively.

- Partner Manager XXImo
What do you do if a customer has specific requirements?

In that case, I bring the customer and the partner together, that's something that happens regularly. For example, if a company wants to establish a ‘shared transport hub’ at its location for its employees’ use, I put the shared mobility provider in touch with the customer. Once the hub is in place, it can be used with XXImo.

Why are partners important for XXImo?

Having a high-quality and broad offering of mobility services allows us to add maximum value for our customers. Working with partners means our offering constantly becomes better and more extensive. Plus we can share knowledge and experience and utilise each other's strengths. That's also very important.

What are the benefits of working with XXImo for partners?

XXImo has many large customers and an extensive network. That is attractive to partners – it gives them easy access to the business market, including a payment and invoicing system. This allows a partner to quickly achieve more volume without complex connections. Another major advantage is that the partner receives money directly because payments are made via XXImo (Visa), which means there are no issues with sending out invoices or collection. And, last but not least, by working together we can of course learn from each other.

Can any mobility player become a partner?

Yes, they can. We don't rule anyone out. Of course we do agree a number of important matters with each other about the partnership. One condition is that the partner accepts Visa.

Describe a connection procedure

We first hold an intake meeting, during which we get to know each other and agree various things. The most important condition is that the partner accepts Visa as a payment method. If that is not yet the case, we can help by arranging it for them. We conclude a contract + SLA, make arrangements about data exchange and enter the partner in our system. From that point on, XXImo can also be used to pay that partner.