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Interview: Project management

Interview: Project management

  • 13 June 2022
  • Interview , Project management

The strategic project manager at XXImo helps large companies implement XXImo mobility services within their organisations. And there's a lot to consider! We asked him about his role, about all the things you need to take into account for an effective implementation and why cooperation is so important.

When do you get involved as the implementation manager?

After the customer has chosen XXImo as their mobility partner. The mobility policy has been set and the contracts are signed, then it’s time for implementation. The customer’s mobility policy is my point of departure for the implementation.

What is the first step you take as the implementation manager?

I always first ask the customer to explain their mobility policy and the choices made. It is important that I understand these things properly, because all their ideas need to be properly translated to our systems. Implementation is the phase in which what previously existed only on paper is put into practice. My role here is also to ask questions and provide input about consequences. Practice shows that minor adjustments are sometimes useful at this stage. Implementation has the effect of magnifying out policy.

What else does your approach to implementation involve?

Implementing means working together and taking decisions in a multidisciplinary team. At the start, we set up a project group including representatives of the different departments such as HR, Communication IT and Finance. We draw up a joint plan, with everyone providing input from their own disciplines and later also performing the relevant actions.

What do you do once the implementation plan has been drawn up?

As the implementation manager, I supervise the process at the customer and at XXImo. After the implementation plan and the timeline have been established, I make sure that everyone supplies the right information or performs their tasks at the right times so that the implementation is delivered properly and on time. That's good for the customer – they don’t have to worry about it because I keep an eye on the overall process.

Can you tell us something about the importance of good communication?

Communication is crucial when you are making changes. It is sensible to involve people within the organisation at an early stage. Explain the policy, focus on the reasons behind it and the choices made. Also state what you expect of employees. Changes to mobility policy can be sensitive – mobility is an employment benefit. So it is something you need to approach carefully. During implementation, I can help the employer with the dos and don’ts in terms of internal communication.

When does your role end?

When XXImo has been rolled out within the organisation and everything is running smoothly. If we have done our job properly, the customer no longer has to think about it after implementation.

That's where the account manager comes in. They regularly keep the customer informed about developments in the market and developments at XXImo. Together with the customer, the account manager uses data and user feedback to see where there is scope to do mobility differently, smarter or more efficiently.