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Interview: Resellers

Interview: Resellers

More and more companies are looking for a single solution for all their employees’ mobility needs. Virtually all players in the mobility sector will increasingly feel the repercussions of that – from lease companies to filling stations to parking providers. For these businesses, it is good to know that they can offer modern, innovative and flexible mobility services in a simple form with XXImo.

As Head of Partnerships at XXImo, Jur Huber is responsible for this area and he is keen to help. He explains why the role of ‘reseller’ is attractive to many companies and how XXImo supports them.

Why are resellers and XXImo a good match?

We offer a unique and flexible mobility solution which we can also offer resellers as a white label product. As a result, they can help their own customers with all their mobility needs. Here's the thing: over the past 11 years, we have built up a complete mobility platform and network in Europe. That means the complex concept and development work has already been done, including the required investment. Add in the payment convenience of Visa and all the mobility options we offer and you can see why this is very attractive to many companies. We also offer the option of delivering the solution, consisting of an app, portal and mobility card, entirely in the reseller’s own corporate identity.

What are the benefits of the reseller role?

Resellers can offer their customers a total solution, mobility for all employees. Say a business has 10,000 employees and a lease company supplies it with 1000 lease cars. That still leaves 9000 employees who also travel (now and then) but are not being offered a solution. If you can help the customer provide for their mobility needs too, obviously that's a good thing – for both the customer and the lease company. A one-stop shop for all mobility and additional turnover. Naturally, it also allows you to increase your customer intimacy.

Can you tell us a bit more about ‘increasing your customer intimacy’?

Every organisation, large and small, has mobility issues. They are either already working on them or they are planning to do more. More flexible, more sustainable, cheaper… you name it. So every organisation is looking for a party that can help them with those aims. If you can only deliver part of the solution, they are more likely to consider other providers too. You're better off trying to prevent that by offering the full range of mobility.

Which businesses does the reseller role offer added value to?

Our mobility solutions are of interest to many parties. Firstly for lease companies, as I mentioned previously. But also oil companies, fleet managers and parking providers. All these parties are looking for modern and innovative mobility services that can be paid for using modern and innovative payment methods. That way, they can choose the mobility services that suit their company and their customers. Thanks to our wide range of payment options (mobility card, contactless payment, Apple Pay & Google Pay), they will also be completely ready for the future.

Our services do not stop at the border – XXImo works everywhere. That also makes the role of reseller very attractive to companies abroad or with locations abroad.