Seven questions for Dennis de Vries

Seven questions for Dennis de Vries

Dennis de Vries - CFRO

This cycling fanatic has already been on more than 60 cycling trips, all over the world. Dennis de Vries has been responsible for finance and risk and compliance since March 2022. A broad role, with nice challenges. “With the electronic banking licence and a flexible adjustable platform, we can serve a large group of customers.”

1 You started as CFRO at XXImo in March 2022. Tell us briefly about yourself?

I live together, have five children and love biking holidays. Cycling is my passion. I have made more than 60 cycling trips, visited many countries and experienced the most beautiful adventures. I have worked for ING and KPMG, among other things, in various management and audit positions, both nationally and internationally.

2 How did you end up at XXImo?

That is actually very simple. The vacancy came along, and my profile and ambition matched it 100%. I am responsible for financial accounting, management accounting, as well as risk and compliance. I think that’s a nice broad scope. I also like the dynamic world of mobility and payments. I already knew XXImo, through Athlon and as a cardholder, from my time at KPMG.

3 So you were already using XXImo, that's great. Tell us about that.

When I was working at KPMG, I was entitled to a lease car and a XXImo card. I was only allowed to use the card for refuelling but not for parking and international travel. A missed opportunity! It would have made my life so much easier if I had been allowed to use all the features at the time. I thought the technical platform was special even then, being able to filter transactions is really something unique. Paying for refuelling, but not for a sandwich in the same petrol station, for example. That provides clarity and certainty for our customers.

4 How do you look back on 2022? What are you most proud of?

I have been given the opportunity to build a good team and we are well on our way. It’s a diverse and international team, we’re all driven and can learn a lot from each other. I’m proud of that.

5 What developments do you see for 2023?

Let me mention two important developments. The first is the mandatory measurement and reporting of the CO2 footprint. That’s a major change and intensive job for every company. We help our customers with this by using only one system and integrated reporting.

And the second, there will be stricter rules for the European payment transactions on closed loop payments. Think of the fuel cards that can only be used with one specific brand. In future, these cards will have to comply with all the rules for financial institutions, which means that larger parties with their own payment cards will have to look for an alternative. XXImo will soon have the licence as an electronic money institution and the technological platform for switching services on and off, making it a solution. Parties are already knocking on our door.

6 Let’s make a leap in time. Where do you think XXImo will be in five years?

The most important thing is scale. We are now investing a lot in the system, licences and people, we need volume in the coming years. I expect that in five years' time we will have a large number of parties, operate throughout Europe and have a well-oiled shared service centre.

7 Finally, how will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

We have booked a cottage in Sweden. I'm looking forward to a snowball fight with our big family!