Seven questions for Pieter van Mierlo

Seven questions for Pieter van Mierlo

Pieter van Mierlo - CCO

He is buzzing with energy, to provide customers with the best mobility service. This sporty “Brabander” (an area in the Netherlands) is Pieter van Mierlo. He has extensive professional experience in Sales, so it only makes sense that he heads up the Commercial teams at XXImo. “Our customers have to be satisfied with what we deliver, know that they are at the right place with XXImo. We are doing everything we can to make sure of that.”

1 You started as CCO in October. Tell us something about yourself?

I’m a Brabander (an area in Limburg), married and father of three children. We are a sporty family. Everyone plays hockey and we like to go on ski holidays. I also like golf and cycling. Commerce is where my heart lies, I was responsible for that in all my previous jobs and now again. I’m responsible for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and our international sales growth.

2 How did you end up at XXImo?

After various (international) positions at ABN Amro, Equens and Worldline, I made the switch to XXImo in October. I was keen to get back to work in a smaller organisation, with international ambitions. Moreover, I was looking for a place where I can really make a difference. Strategically and operationally. That is what makes my new role at XXImo so interesting. Together with my team, I am responsible for everything to do with the customer and customer contact.

3 What is your first impression of XXImo?

Very good. I had many conversations and dived straight in at the deep end. This gave me a good overview of the organisation, the platform and our customers. The platform really provides ease of use, which I like. The EMV payment technology sets us apart in the market and allows us to adapt easily to market developments. We realise this with an enthusiastic and driven team. The collaboration runs very smoothly. Despite the hustle and bustle, we look out for each other. I’m proud of that.

4 What customer demands do you expect in 2023?

Employers are struggling with various mobility issues, especially post-corona. Mobility needs to be flexible, convenient and sustainable. As a company, you want to be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances, that has become clear. More than ever, there is now a need for a total solution.

5 What developments should employers take into account?

CO2 reporting and the changes in paying for mobility. Companies in the Netherlands with 100 employees or more will have to measure and report the CO2 emissions for all forms of employee mobility. That is something companies need to prepare for now. In addition, you can see that contactless payment for mobility is becoming even more secure through the use of EMV technology. At the petrol station, in public transport or e-charging, everywhere you use your payment card, mobile or smartwatch. In the Netherlands, you can see that the public transport chip card is quickly disappearing and OVpay is becoming the new norm.

6 Where is your focus in the coming years?

Our customers are at the heart of our business. They need to be satisfied, have the confidence that they are at the right place with XXImo. I think that is important, and we will do everything we can to ensure that. This also means that they can come to us with any questions. We have the knowledge and experience to help any organisation. We are also working on raising awareness of our brand and we want to grow substantially both in and outside of Europe. We’re doing this with our partners, customers and employees. Our ambitions are big!

7 Finally, what are you doing for Christmas?

I celebrate Christmas with family, which is very important to me. It’s a great time for good conversations, making plans and appropriate reflection. Apart from that, I just carry on working during this period.