Attractive employment

Attractive employment

Corporate mobility as an employee benefit

Attractive terms and conditions of employment

Employees are your most important assets. Recruiting and retaining competent staff is more important than ever in this market. So how do you become the employer of choice? By looking at corporate mobility differently! Today’s mobility policy takes puts the employee first. Ask your employees what they think is important. You will hear some interesting answers.

Freedom of choice
That’s what employees want
Fit employees are happy employees
All reimbursements on a single platform
Good employment practices
Mobility as an important employee benefit
Mobility as a condition of employment

Employees prefer to be 'at the wheel' themselves. That way they can decide for themselves on a daily basis whether they will travel and how. With an eye for the environment, health and wallet. This means that not everyone is eager for a lease car. One size doesn't fit all. An employer of choice focuses on freedom of choice and flexible mobility.

What mobility choices and home working options do you facilitate? It pays to create a comprehensive menu of flexible mobility options for employees to choose from. There are so many options available. The mobility budget is popular, as is a good bicycle scheme, an electric lease car and an all-in-one mobility card.

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Employee fitness

Fitness and job satisfaction. Two concepts that are often heard in one sentence. When people are happy in their work, they are absent less, perform better and are more loyal. All this makes you more successful as a company and more attractive as an employer. In other words, you will be an employer of choice. In terms of commuting and business trips by employees, there are some quick gains to be made. Our flexible mobility solutions will help with this.

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Corporate cycling

Active forms of mobility contribute to the fitness of employees. There is a reason why cycling is becoming more and more popular. Do you pursue good employment practices? Offer cycling incentives in the form of a lease bicycle scheme, bicycle facilities, a higher reimbursement for bicycle kilometres or organise bicycle challenges.

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