Promoting cycling

Promoting cycling

Everything about bicycle schemes and facilities

Promoting cycling

Cycling is healthy, cheap and an environmentally friendly way of getting around. Employees who cycle feel happier and fitter. As an employer, you can get more people on their bikes by offering bicycle schemes and facilities. XXImo can help you with that.

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Attractive bicycle schemes

Various schemes are available that you can use to make cycling more attractive for employees. Options include a lease bicycle scheme, reimbursement via the work-related expenses scheme or a kilometre allowance for bicycle kilometres. Many of our customers encourage active forms of mobility and offer higher reimbursements for bicycle kilometres than for car kilometres. Cycling incentives also tie in perfectly with a sustainable mobility policy.

Provided you offer an attractive package to cyclists, you can count on more employees coming to the office by bicycle. Of course, you don’t have to organise everything at once, but setting up a number of facilities need not take much time. Such as a spacious bicycle shed, sufficient charging points for e-bikes and the presence of repair material and a bicycle pump.

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Multi-modal mobility card

Your employees don’t always want to cycle. Depending on the work, private circumstances or the weather, they will sometimes want to make other choices as well. Give your employees flexibility in mobility. For example, by making a XXImo mobility card available for public transport, a shared car or a shared e-bike. This is also great for car commuters who in fact want to cycle more for business appointments.

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Cycling with XXImo

Make cycling accessible and fun. That guarantees success. Let’s get started together. With our mobility services and the XXImo Portal, we can set up all bicycle-promotion measures for you according to your wishes. This ranges from reimbursement for bicycle kilometres to a mobility card for active forms of travel, from extra cycling options such as storing your bicycle in NS bicycle sheds and renting a public transport bicycle to facilitating shared e-bikes. You can do all that and more!

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