Easy budgeting of mobility costs

If you want to budget for mobility costs, it’s important to know where you’re at now. Do you have sufficient insight into the costs and developments? What do you expect for next year in terms of numbers of employees and their business trips? With the right information in hand, budgeting becomes much easier. Our detailed reports will help with this.

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Personal mobility budget

With a mobility budget, employees are given freedom of choice as to how they want to travel, while you keep control over costs. Their mobility costs are automatically deducted from the monthly budget. They can keep what is left. With a mobility budget you know exactly how much money you need. Major advantage is that it encourages employees to travel (cost-)consciously. Sounds like a win-win right? Completely customised and can be set up per employee in our system.

Starting with a mobility budget?

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A mobility budget helps achieve goals

The mobility budget is an attractive mobility solution for employers and employees. It can be an effective tool to achieve organisational goals. How the budget is used determines which goals are achieved. Do you opt for flexibility, sustainable travel or do you want to be an attractive employer? Fill in all components of the mobility budget in a way that fits your mobility objective. The mobility card and flexible kilometre allowance are fully compatible to this.

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100% flexible and control over costs

Getting started with budgets? Opt for a mobility amount per employee that gives them complete freedom, or a maximum budget for each form of mobility. Both are possible. When an employee has used 80% of his or her spending limit, we’ll send an alert. And if you want to adjust budgets, you can do so at any time. Handy, right? And it’s all self-service.

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