Travelling and working the way you want it. Everything can be set to preference. Even per employee

The mobility world is developing non-stop. Wondering how you can respond quickly to current events, changes in laws and regulations and the needs of your employees? How you can adjust quickly when needed? With our flexible mobility solutions you can arrange it all and be ready for the future.

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Mobility as an employee benefit

Employees prefer to in control. They like to make their own daily choices as to whether they travel and in what way. All this with an eye for the environment, their health and your wallet, of course. An employer of choice therefore focuses on flexible mobility.

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Flexible reimbursement

Which themes are focal point in your mobility policy? Align the travel options and reimbursements to this. By offering flexible reimbursement of kilometres, you encourage employees to make conscious travel choices, such as more economical or more sustainable.

Looking for increased flexibility in mobility?

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  • To actually put our ambitions into practice, we have found the right partner in XXImo. Now we can arrange everything related to mobility with one platform, both for the employee and for Unilever itself

    Charlotte Potman

    Manager of Labor Relations

  • "We want to increase the ease of use of business travel, but at the same time reduce the administrative burden for Deloitte. In XXImo we have found the right partner for this."

    Harry Vlaardingerbroek

    Chief Workplace Officer

  • What I like about XXImo as a supplier is that they really move with the times. Like CWT, XXImo has an international outlook, keeps its knowledge up to date and regularly adds new mobility options or features. As a customer, it’s great to know you're working with an innovative party that is really on top of things.

    Dalila Elouarti

    HR Specialist

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