Homeworking allowance

Homeworking allowance

Easily administered on a single platform

Homeworking allowance

The travel and work behaviour of employees has changed considerably in recent years. We have started working from home more and travel less or differently. When it comes to the mobility of your employees, these are important developments, because what do all these changes mean for your allowance policy, the travel allowance and the homeworking allowance? The possibility of making adjustment is desirable and necessary, because a lot has changed, also from a tax point of view.

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The homeworking allowance

When working from home, employees incur more costs. From 2023, employers can pay a tax-free homeworking allowance of € 2,15 per day homeworking day. The homeworking allowance is to compensate the costs employees have to pay for, for example, coffee, electricity and the Internet. A large proportion of all employers have now introduced a homeworking allowance. Are you one of them?

The homeworking allowance is often combined with the reimbursement of actual kilometres travelled for commuting and business trips. This way, the employee is reimbursed for travel expenses based on the location where they work. A logical step. Note that the homeworking allowance and commuting allowance cannot be paid for the same working day. For example, if someone works from home in the morning and at the office in the afternoon.

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Correct administrative records

As an employer, you must keep correct administrative records to be able to pay the homeworking allowance and travel allowance tax free. XXImo gives you exactly that, because you have all mobility costs and reimbursements on a single platform. Each month, you will receive an invoice listing all costs and a report with the allowances to be paid.

Reimbursing working from home?

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  • To actually put our ambitions into practice, we have found the right partner in XXImo. Now we can arrange everything related to mobility with one platform, both for the employee and for Unilever itself

    Charlotte Potman

    Manager of Labor Relations

  • "It must be possible for mobility to move along with the needs of the employee. Together with the account manager of XXImo, I looked at how we could best structure this. He comes up with good ideas, helps answer all questions and prepares communication. That’s nice"

    Pierre van der Loo,

    Compensation & Benefits Atos

  • What I like about XXImo as a supplier is that they really move with the times. Like CWT, XXImo has an international outlook, keeps its knowledge up to date and regularly adds new mobility options or features. As a customer, it’s great to know you're working with an innovative party that is really on top of things.

    Dalila Elouarti

    HR Specialist

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