Good for the environment, your employees and your organisation

Many companies are working on making travel more sustainable. The reduction of CO2 emissions is key in any sustainable mobility policy. There are many ways to travel less, travel smarter and to travel differently, greener. Did you know that flexibility and sustainable travel are highly compatible? Works well for your organisation and your employees. A win-win for all!

We think in solutions

If sustainable mobility is focal point in your organisation, you have a number of things to arrange. In your policy, the facilities and the way in which you encourage and report on sustainable travel behaviour. XXImo supplies you with the right tools: one platform, one multi-modal mobility card + app.

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The CO2 measurement obligation

If you have 100 or more employees, your organisation will have to keep record of all employee travel and the CO2 emissions per trip from 1 July 2024. That’s quite a task, right? One way to record all employee travel movements is to use an integrated mobility solution. With XXImo all travel movements are measured and reported automatically. All information is presented to you in a single detailed overview.

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It’s a win-win

Promote the use of bicycles, public transport, electric driving and shared cars. The mobility card and the higher reimbursement of green kilometres help to achieve this. A mobility budget makes smarter travel easy and gives you freedom of choice. Whatever mobility choices you make, sustainable mobility is a win-win. For employees, the organisation and the environment.

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Customised mobility

Mobility is customisation. That is why everything on the XXImo Platform is adjustable. Your reimbursements, desired mobility options and budgets. You can arrange it all yourself with different mobility profiles. Per employee, per employee group or department.

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