Everything you need to change the game

Everything you need to change the game

XXImo has been leading the way in mobility for the last 10 years, and now they’re coming to the UK

XXImo leads the way in mobility. That’s what we’ve been saying for over 10 years, as we’ve developed and supplied innovative mobility solutions to a range of corporate clients across Europe. Over the years we have developed a host of high-quality payment and administration tools, built a wide network of partners, and ensured that every development was held to a high standard of compliance and regulation. These are what we call our smart mobility solutions, and it’s what we’re bringing to the UK mobility market.

By offering XXImo to mobility service providers in a modular form, we can accelerate progress in the UK mobility market with ease. Whether you’re entering the market for the first time or are a well-established industry giant, XXImo’s tools exist to help you create innovative solutions for your customers. Our partners can develop new products and services faster to provide new solutions that match their customers needs whilst improving on existing solutions. We’re here to help you make your mark on the mobility industry and create something with real impact.

More innovation, faster growth and a shorter Time-to-Market: unleash your business potential with smart solutions from XXImo.

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Instantly tap into new customer bases

Success in the modern mobility industry hinges on providing a wide range of options to your customers. However, the mobility industry in the UK is segmented and inefficient. From petrol stations and EV charging points to public transport and car parks, every system is different and difficult to negotiate. As a result, creating a network of mobility options that your customers can make use of is time-consuming and costly.

XXImo has spent years building a wide network of reputable and trustworthy mobility partners that anyone using our solutions can tap into. Whether you are entering the mobility market for the first time or are well-established, XXImo makes it easier for your customers to use the services that they want. Athlon, Arval, Shell, Q-Park, Q8, and Uber are just a few of the companies that XXImo solutions can access, and we’re adding to the list all the time.

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Unilever uses XXImo to incentivise sustainable travel

The key to giving your customers flexibility is to provide them with options. XXImo’s mobility tools are designed to be adapted to you and your customers’ needs so that you can consistently meet their needs. Through our extensive network of partners, you can create integrated options with mobility services that your customers are already using and ones you would like them to use. They can use the services that they prefer, while you maintain control and oversight over usage trends and spending patterns. This allows you to expand your offering and enter the future with adaptable, market-ready solutions.

Outside of the UK, XXImo’s corporate clients are already making full use of the range of options available to them. For example, Unilever employees in the Netherlands have been using XXImo’s virtual VISA mobility card since summer 2022 to access a range of mobility options through our app. As part of their solution, Unilever uses a reward system to incentivise their employees to use more sustainable travel options, such as fully electric cars, bicycles, and electric shared transport. Mobility service providers in the UK making use of XXImo’s toolkit can create similar offerings for their customers, providing modern solutions to match the needs of their customers.

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Easily offer a wide range of payment options

Access to reliable and secure payment systems is crucial for any product or service, not just in the mobility market. This means ensuring that your customers can use a range of different online and offline payment options, as well as providing options for VAT invoicing and Direct Debits. It also means establishing your credit-worthiness with banks and credit card companies. Preparing these systems can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, not to mention expensive.

XXImo offers a flexible, fully customisable, end-to-end solution that allows mobility service providers to offer a range of payment options. Through our financial partners we are also able to produce and distribute branded, EMV-equipped, VISA mobility cards to supplement your existing offering. With our payment solution you can provide secure contactless payment options that are guaranteed and safeguarded by the VISA network. XXImo’s tools also enable you to issue virtual mobility cards so your customers can use contactless payment.

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Q8 and Tango use XXImo to offer more than just fuel

Mobility service providers can use XXImo’s payment tool to create a white-listed network of products and services to incentivise customers and provide flexible options. This means you can give your customers immediate access to an extensive network of service options, while maintaining complete control over which options they use. XXImo enables mobility service providers to provide a dedicated and fully customisable solution that can cover a lot more than just fuel, while providing detailed VAT invoices for every transaction. XXImo’s payment tools are specifically designed so that you and your customers no longer have to choose between control and convenience.

Our work on this first started with our collaboration with Q8 and Tango in Belgium and the Netherlands. We partnered to add a branded XXImo mobility card option to their offering, on top of their regular fuel card. As the XXImo card can be used for more than just fuel, their customers were able to spend more flexibly, and use a wider range of their services. Q8 and Tango have built an extensive fuel network across Europe, and they can use XXImo to incentivise their customers to use specific locations and services through rewards and discounts. Since our early success with Q8, we have continued to grow our offering and expand our payment services.

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Leave Compliance to us

Launching or expanding a mobility solution means having to comply with seemingly endless sets of rules and regulations. From technical certifications and financial regulations to data security and privacy standards. Setting up systems that meet all these legal requirements takes a lot of human and financial resources. It can also delay the introduction of your product or service if you need to make changes to comply with regulations.

XXImo tools are designed so that your services meet the highest compliance standards. These include all certifications relating to data protection, VAT, secure payments, payment card systems and PCI-DSS standards. We also can provide guidance to help with KYB and KYC screening to ensure that your business is anti-money laundering compliant. Our work on securing a high level of compliance at every level means you can offer your product or service to customers with peace of mind.

Using XXImo tools guarantees that your products and services will be held to the highest standard of compliance long before you deploy. This allows you to invest your time, energy, and money into creating and providing a great product, rather than checking whether it is following regulations. As long as it’s built with XXImo’s toolkit, you can guarantee you’re compliant. Merchants looking to expand their services or offer new ones don’t need to complete a whole new set of paperwork every time, as XXImo has already taken care of it. As long as your customers are using one of your approved vendors or products, they’ll be able to use your services without issue.

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Leaseplan customers use XXImo to access 37,000 charging points in 7 countries

The dedicated mobility card that we created with Leaseplan is a great example of our expertise in Compliance and how we can create custom networks for your customers. Our solution enables their customers to pay for both fuel and EV charging with reliable and secure payment options. As a result, Leaseplan’s customers can use a network of 37,000 EV charging points across 7 countries conveniently and securely. This interoperable network of charging points consists of various charging options, set up and operated by a range of major EV charging providers, all with their own payment system and connected on the XXImo platform.

With so many complex and fragmented payment options, allowing customers to use one platform to pay for any service is no simple achievement. Because the XXImo platform supports a wide range of payment options, users can charge at any EV charging service point and use any secondary app they might need to make the payment. As mobility options continue to diversify, being able to provide flexible solutions that can cross service providers is crucial to ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

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Enhance your offering with secure access to data, custom dashboards and on-demand reports

Our platform gives administrators secure, real-time access to all customer and transaction data through a dedicated portal. Our administration software not only enables mobility service providers to process and manage payments, but also to generate a variety of detailed reports, such as travel transactions, costs, and CO2 emissions. This allows you to track trends and provide innovative solutions to fill customers needs whilst staying ahead of all government regulations.

XXImo tools also enable you to control who can access and change data through a fully customisable permission structure. This enables you to offer secure access tools to customers, including dashboards for corporate mobility managers to implement mobility policies and monitor employee usage.

Using XXImo’s unique solution platform enables mobility service providers to give their customers oversight across all mobility transactions within their network. Our in-depth spend management system allows customers to control spending and costs based on a range of options, from mobility type, to region, date and time of day of the transaction. This means businesses can prioritise and reward the use of certain mobility options, or create travel plans for business trips. XXImo allows mobility service providers and their customers to encourage greener options and maintain oversight whilst using our reporting system to track their CO2 footprint.

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