Meet our Head of Channel Sales

Meet our Head of Channel Sales

Ingmar Schoemacher: “There is a scattered network for all the different solutions, and so many opportunities to link those up.”

“There are a few competitive advantages that help XXImo stand out. Firstly, our payment solution as a bank-licensed payment services provider, and the partnership with Visa, provides security and safety. Secondly, the deep data that we collect at transaction level helps to automate expensing. Thirdly, the flexibility our platform offers. This goes far beyond a one-purpose fuel, charge, or parking card, and can deliver a full mobility solution that helps track CO2 emissions.”

Ingmar Schoemacher has watched and navigated the transformation of mobility over the last decade, and he is keen to help customers understand and benefit from this transformation. With seven years of experience in fleet management, he has helped solve issues that large fleet customers face amid the shifting regulatory landscape and labour market. He recently started as the Head of Channel Sales for XXImo in the UK and is excited to help enterprises navigate this modern environment and energy transition while simplifying complex mobility decisions.

In his previous roles at LeasePlan and Hyster-Yale, he focused on large businesses at a strategic and commercial level, work that centred around supporting customers on their journey to reduce emissions, build strategic roadmaps, and negotiate commercial agreements. His objective is to leverage this fleet and financing experience with XXImo and grow this segment of the business.

He recently offered his insights into the evolution of mobility and the opportunities ahead for companies as mobility needs change, and how he sees XXImo uniquely positioned to add value to all stakeholders in the mobility space.

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How do you provide a great level of service to customers while delivering great value to large corporations?

“It is all about catering to specific needs. Individuals might have a question they want answering quickly. Big corporations require detailed analysis. It is about understanding these needs and how to best address them.”

How is fleet management evolving?

“The biggest change in fleet management is related to working patterns. While we may be tired of hearing about the pandemic, it transformed employee work patterns and expectations. Employees require different solutions. Hybrid work has grown, and employees might not go into the office as often, so an annual train pass or company car, for example, may no longer be the best solution."

How big is the opportunity for companies to revisit their mobility plans in today’s regulatory environment? What are companies missing out on by putting off changes in mobility?

“There are two sides to this coin. The first is legislation. Governments are getting stricter with environmental legislation, for example in the Netherlands, where from January 1st 2024, every company with 100+ employees is required to report CO2 for employee commuting trips. Companies who fail to do so will incur punitive action from the government. I believe we can expect similar regulations to make their way across the Channel.

On the other side, there is an opportunity. The mindset of the workforce is changing. Generation Z is starting to participate in the labour market and has a different view compared to previous generations. Younger workers are more concerned about the environment and conscious about how they travel. As companies are competing to attract and retain the best talent; there is much value of a well-designed mobility offer for employees.”

What opportunities do you see currently unfolding in mobility in the UK? How do you see XXImo’s value proposition translating into the UK market?

“I see several opportunities in the UK. One would be for a comprehensive mobility budget, particularly in large cities, that includes tube, train, e-bikes, taxis, et cetera. Not as many people have a car, and those that do are increasingly impacted by regulations such as Clean Air Zones. A full mobility budget will give companies more options, insights, ease of commuting for their employees, and potentially a lower cost of commuting.

Next to that, we are fulfilling the opportunity to tailor our solution for specific reseller needs. I am looking forward to working with partners that might just need a solution for public charging, a parking card, carwash, or a solution that combines all these. With our technology, we can tailor to the needs of specific partners and their customers, adding value with the data we are able to collect.”

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling?

“In the UK, we have become used to living with so many different apps, cards, and solutions. Think about parking – I have about four apps. For charging, I have seven, as it stands. Add additional apps for taxis. There is a scattered network for all the different solutions, and so many opportunities to link those up.

This can be done in a much more simplistic way, without paying a premium. XXImo platform offers the ability to tackle this complexity with an all-in-one solution at a competitive price, ready to be marketed.”

You have travelled extensively in your career and expressed that travel is a passion. As we come out of the pandemic and business travel picks up, can you speak to the importance of business travel to a company’s success? In what ways does it benefit employees?

“What I have personally seen, when events and meetings at offices were back on, is how happy and energised people got from being together. It showed why we travel, to understand each other and ways of working. In the office, an industry event, or a customer meeting, people need personal interaction and engagement. Teams video calls are an amazing tool to check in with colleagues and customers but are most effective when you have an existing relationship. It is much harder to build that same rapport on a video call compared to a face-to-face meeting.”

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Concerns about carbon emissions continues to grow. How can travellers be more responsible and reduce their carbon footprint while still exploring the world freely? Do you have any travel tips for environmentally oriented travellers?

“Absolutely. Most travel apps these days show the amount of CO2 used, which can help you track your impact at trip level. On top of that, many companies offer an opportunity to off-set this with a small payment.

For me it has always been about trying to optimise my trips with multiple purposes. If your team is going to a trade show, for instance, utilise that trip for a face-to-face meeting with clients or partners. This way you can effectively half your CO2 while also making efficient use of your time."

What attracted you to come work at XXImo?

“As you mentioned earlier, I have done significant travel during my career, and while this is great to get to know people and cultures, it comes with one big downside – expenses. At the end of the month or quarter, trying to find the receipts, which by this time are unreadable, is not my favourite pastime. So, when I understood that, with the XXImo solution and integrations, manual expense reporting was a thing of the past, I could not wait to get involved.”

What has been most surprising about XXImo’s business or culture since you have come aboard?

“Nothing has been too much of a surprise. But I have been impressed with the pace and autonomy. I have worked ten years for large corporations, which comes with certain structures and processes. At XXImo, we are a team of 85 people, which is much nimbler. If you see an opportunity, you are free to go for it!”

Is there anything else you think that XXImo’s customers would like to know about you and what you bring to XXImo?

“I am a big advocate of clean travel solutions (electric or hydrogen) and digitisation. Optimising and digitalising current processes is something that gets me going, especially if this helps create a more sustainable outcome.”

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Solutions for the New Age of Mobility

XXImo enables businesses to offer innovative, flexible mobility solutions to their customers and users, while staying in firm control of access to these services and their associated costs. By using smart Network, Payment, Compliance, and Administration solution components that save time and costs, we allow you to quickly adapt to changing customer and business needs.

Developed in-house and maintained by our team of experts, our flexible solution components are secure, easy to use and customisable, allowing you to create innovative solutions that match your business needs perfectly. Easily tap into new customer bases and enhance your current offering. Or offer your customers more payment options and enter new markets without worrying about compliance, because XXImo has already taken care of the nitty-gritty.

Do you want learn more about Ingmar Schoemacher and XXImo? Reach out to Ingmar on LinkedIn or use the form below to send him an e-mail.

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