Meet our Head of Partner Development

Meet our Head of Partner Development

Jade Ebenezer: “Being left behind in the fuel and EV charging world is a very real possibility – we’re here to help you change the game”

Jade Ebenezer’s career in mobility has spanned decades, from his days with Europcar in South Africa, to recent years working with a series of startups in the UK. Two of these mobility startups have since been acquired, so he clearly has a keen eye for knowing who’s leading the way in mobility.

A seasoned executor with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jade was also part of the founding teams that set up the first free-floating bike share and one of the first car clubs in the UK. Having spent time expanding Hubject’s EV-charging platform here in the UK, Jade’s next move is to bring his invaluable experience of the mobility industry to XXImo, as Head of Partner Development for the UK & Ireland.

Ahead of his appointment, we spoke to Jade about his new position, and how he expects XXImo to impact the fuel and EV charging industry in the UK.

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What will be the primary focus of your new role at XXImo?

"I’ll be ensuring that XXImo continues to lead the way in accelerating transition in the mobility market, and I’ll be supporting our partners in becoming a key part of that change with us. The whole mobility industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation, and we want to show businesses across the fuel and EV charging industries how they can benefit. As we enter a new age of mobility, with shifting trends, laws, and technology, XXImo will give businesses the confidence to take the next steps into the future."

How do you see the current state of the UK's mobility market?

We are currently experiencing a transition from traditional to modern in the whole mobility industry. The first wave of new and exciting startups has passed by now, but the ripples that they introduced are creating waves through the sector. The change is also being sped up and incentivised by local, national, and international governments. As well as the EU Climate Agreement, the UK government’s push to reach net zero emissions by 2050 will likely see a significant push towards a decarbonised mobility industry.

What have you learned from your previous experiences in modern mobility companies that can benefit the UK fuel and EV charging markets?

"With the current state of play in UK mobility, particularly in the fuel and EV charging industries, adaptability is key. Startups are able to move faster, adapt quickly to new technology, and grow rapidly as a result. There’s no reason that the more traditional market leaders in the industry cannot do the same, but they would need to change their current mindset to do so."

What does the paradigm shift entail? How do traditional fuel and EV charging companies experience this shift?

"Customer behaviour and demands have changed across the board, and businesses have to be able to adapt. Every new technology introduced offers new business opportunities, and there are constantly new players entering the market with the next great solution that will change the industry forever. Urban mobility in particular has already been changing for years and, just as we see new car and bike sharing services enter the market, the demand for new fuel and EV charging solutions will continue to grow – and converge. The competitive landscape is changing and that puts traditional companies at risk, if they choose not to change with it. Companies should be considering HOW to take advantage of the change, not IF they should take advantage."

What business opportunities does this shift create for traditional fuel and EV charging service providers?

"The current business opportunities all require companies to ensure that they can provide what customers are looking for, even as that continues to change. Companies need to expand their services and enter new markets to reflect the range of needs that their customers have now. By creating flexible, customer-centric solutions, companies can adapt to the shift in the fuel and EV charging industries. Top of their list should be to address the growing importance of sustainability goals and ensure that they can accommodate electric vehicles. With changing laws and regulations, being left behind in the fuel and EV charging industry is a very real possibility. By moving faster and both extending and integrating their offering, companies will be able to secure their business in the digital future."

How does the future look for traditional mobility companies vs new mobility companies?

"It’s not necessarily a case of traditional against new in the mobility industry but recognising those that fail to adapt to the new state of the market are likely to be left behind. Those that embrace the shift will find increasing business opportunities and new solutions to fulfil their customers' needs as they continue to shift. New challengers in the industry that are willing to lead the change will find themselves at a clear advantage over those players whose “strategy” is to shut their eyes and hope it all goes away."

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Who benefits most from this transformation?

"In cases where businesses are able to adapt, everyone benefits. Customers find their needs met with easy-to-use, high-quality services, provided by businesses that understand the industry. Businesses that can secure their place in the future will have more opportunities for growth as their competitors become obsolete. Those companies who are able to change the game as mobility services providers will set themselves apart. It’s pretty much game over for the ones that don’t or won’t."

What do traditional fuel and EV charging companies that want to benefit from the paradigm shift NEED to do to transition successfully?

"Giving me a call would be a good start! Seriously, though: businesses with a clear vision for the future and the courage to take the first step will inevitably lead the way. The willingness to adapt will allow these companies to stay ahead of the curve. They would certainly benefit from having partners that understand the new state of mobility, to help them to recognise common pitfalls, and share best practices. They could also consider a low-risk platform that enables them to create new and customisable mobility solutions with a short time to market. It’s difficult if not impossible for any service provider to do this on their own – so working in partnership with like-minded firms, who bring value to the table, is the only way forward. XXImo’s commitment to forging innovative, win-win partnerships is a key reason why I stepped into the company. When we talk about partnership, we mean it."

What can be expected of XXImo in this process? How will you, as Head of Partnerships, lead the way for the new partners?

"XXImo wants to lead the way in helping businesses to adapt to changes across the mobility industry. By creating solutions that are adjustable to the needs of different customers and businesses, XXImo enables its partners to move quickly and stay flexible. With constant development of our platform and services, we can and will help our partners stay one step ahead. XXImo always works in close alignment with its partners, sharing best practices, expertise, and shortcuts to success to ensure that businesses can adapt and grow quickly."

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Solutions for the New Age of Mobility

XXImo enables businesses to offer innovative, flexible mobility solutions to their customers and users, while staying in firm control of access to these services and their associated costs. By using smart Network, Payment, Compliance, and Administration solution components that save time and costs, we allow you to quickly adapt to changing customer and business needs.

Developed in-house and maintained by our team of experts, our flexible solution components are secure, easy to use and customisable, allowing you to create innovative solutions that match your business needs perfectly. Easily tap into new customer bases and enhance your current offering. Or offer your customers more payment options and enter new markets without worrying about compliance, because XXImo has already taken care of the nitty-gritty.

Do you want learn more about Jade Ebenezer and XXImo? Reach out to Jade on LinkedIn or use the form below to send him an e-mail.

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