Terms and conditions of XXImo and its service providers.

XXImo Financial Services

XXImo has concluded an agreement with XXImo Financial Services “XXImo FS” for the XXImo prepaid card. All administrative and operational activities are performed by XXImo in-house.

For more information about XXImo FS we refer you to the text below.

The XXImo Mobility Card is issued by XXImo FS a principal member of Visa Europe. XXImo FS is also responsible for the issuance of electronic money. XXImo FS is an electronic money institution regulated by De Nederlansche Bank, incorporated in the Netherlands and registered at Stadsplateau 11, 3521 AZ Utrecht. With company registration number 84501901.

All communications should be sent to XXImo B.V., Stadsplateau 11, 3521 AZ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Complaints procedure

Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard of service. Nevertheless, it is possible that our service does not meet your expectations. Informing us about this gives us the opportunity to improve.

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Customer Security and Fraud Awareness

When it comes to your financial information, your security is our top priority and when you access your account, it is important that we know it is you. Click on the button below to find out more about the ways we do that.

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