Google Pay

Google Pay

Easy and safe payment? Just use your Android smartphone.

Google Pay

Easy and safe payment? Just use your Android smartphone. You can pay with your mobile wherever you can pay contactless, such as petrol stations and car parks. You’ll no longer need your physical mobility card and PIN. This way, you fully enjoy payment convenience while on the road.

Pay even more securely with Google Pay.
Pay quickly and contactless at the cash register.
With your Android smartphone, you pay everywhere where contactless payment is accepted.
Ready for the future
Innovation for the future of mobility

The world is changing and is becoming more and more digital. Also when it comes to payment. Soon, you will be able to pay contactless everywhere, even on public transport. XXImo is happy to help and is prepared for the world of tomorrow. We do this by integrating the latest innovations into our platform today. With us, you will therefore be the first to have new digital payment options, such as Google Pay. Benefit from the innovative power of XXImo and discover the ease of payment of Google Pay.


OVpay is the new way of checking in and out on public transport in the Netherlands. With contactless payment card, credit card, mobile or 'wearable', it's all possible. The carriers in the Netherlands are ready for it. And so are you, as an XXImo customer. Add the mobility card to Google Pay on your mobile and you are OVpay ready! OVpay is even more flexible, easier, faster and safer.

Speed for you and your users

Want to start using XXImo and Google Pay? You’ll benefit from an even faster onboarding. The digital mobility card is instantly available in the Milo app and no plastic card is needed. Activating Google Pay is free and can be done in a few quick steps. Super simple.

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