Near Me

Near Me

Navigate Each Multimodal Journey With Ease

Introducing Near Me, the ultimate companion for seamless multi-modal journeys. Whether you're a seasoned business traveller or simply navigating your daily commute, Near Me ensures you're always one step ahead. Gone are the days of scrambling between apps to find the right mode of transportation. Near Me aggregates all available public transport, shared bikes, mopeds, and cars enabled by the employer in Milo, ensuring your employee’s travel experience is seamless and personalised.

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Life happens, and plans change. Near Me adapts to your employees’ needs, ensuring they can always find a reliable mode of transportation nearby, no matter the situation.

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Embrace sustainable travel options effortlessly. From public transport to shared bikes, mopeds, and cars, Near Me promotes eco-conscious choices for every journey.

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Stay informed with real-time information on the available mobility options in your vicinity. With Near Me, uncertainty becomes a thing of the past.

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