Fleet & Lease companies

Fleet & Lease companies

EV-olution for Fleet and Lease companies

Challenges for Fleet & Lease companies

Keeping up with evolving emissions regulations and incentives for both EVs and ICE vehicles is crucial. Ensuring compliance with local, regional, and national regulations, which may vary, can be challenging. Integrating data from various sources and systems can be complex. Obtaining and recording VAT invoices for transactions is not only cumbersome to the business but also impact drivers productivity and experience who would need to log these expenses via third party systems. Building a charging solution is complex, costly and time consuming. There are more than 60 different charging networks across the UK. Fully compliant turnkey proven solutions that meet today’s drivers and companies charging and fueling needs are far and few between. And there is where we come in!

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XXImo solution for Fleet & Lease companies

The XXImo solution enables the transition from fuel to EV. With just one payment solution fleet managers can cover all their mobility needs. This reduces administrative overhead and puts all data into one place. This enables regulatory compliance. In cooperation with fuel retailers even traditional closed loop networks can be integrated. Enhance your fleet management services by integrating charging, on and off-street parking, carwash, and fuel in one payment solution to tackle all your drivers’ needs. It gives you access to all public charging stations and fast chargers, including Tesla Superchargers in addition to ancillary services such as parking and car wash. Without additional costs, everything on a single VAT invoice and 75% charge point network coverage throughout the UK. You pay the rate stated on the charging station. We don’t apply a surcharge on this rate; you only pay the actual consumption rate. You can even detect charging fraud, and track and report on carbon emissions for every commute and business trip.

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Discover what XXImo can do for you

XXImo provides Sustainable Mobility Payment Solutions for the UK. Our platform for corporate travel and expense management, is here to help your business and that of your customers grow and to enter the new age of mobility.

  • True multimodal mobility solutions offering fuel, EV, parking and public transport options and more
  • Radically simplify your expense handling and management
  • User experience is rooted in reliability, with the aforementioned Visa providing the basis of our payment systems
  • Your brand, your card
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