Fuel retailers

Fuel retailers

Mobility in transition

Challenges for Fuel retailers

Due to the rapid shift in energy demand, fuel retailers must position themselves on the right side of history today. Fleet operators already have been encouraged to the transition to a more mixed fleet, with an aim of rapidly shifting the balance towards EVs. This will have obvious repercussions for fuel retailers. Regulatory obligations are being established yearly, with the end goal of cutting carbon emissions and controlling the devastating impact of climate change. One of these obligations includes the requirement of companies to report complete, detailed and up-to-date mobility data based on how their employees are moving and consuming energy. This data is essential when gathering accurate information on emissions, which is a key weapon in the fight against climate change. Gathered together, additional regulatory laws will only accelerate the move towards total EV travel.

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XXImo solution for Fuel retailers

Mobility is changing, there’s no doubt about that. Flexible, simple and easily compatible, the XXImo mobility card solution is all about making mobility as smooth as possible as quickly as possible. For fuel retailers, our offering paves a clear path forward into a greener, mixed fleet industry that’s just around the corner. There are plenty of other perks on offer to clients too, with card users benefiting from ancillary services such as parking, car washes and toll payments. Additionally, the user experience is rooted in reliability, with the aforementioned Visa providing the basis of our payment systems. Flexibility is at the heart of XXImo’s transformative platform.

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Discover what XXImo can do for you

XXImo provides Sustainable Mobility Payment Solutions for the UK. Our platform for corporate travel and expense management, is here to help your business and that of your customers grow and to enter the new age of mobility.

  • True multimodal mobility solutions offering fuel, EV, parking and public transport options and more
  • Radically simplify your expense handling and management
  • User experience is rooted in reliability, with the aforementioned Visa providing the basis of our payment systems
  • Your brand, your card
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