My Apple Pay phone was stolen; what should I do?

Fortunately, Apple Pay is not directly accessible by others; it requires your passcode, Face ID or Touch ID. However, we advise you to do the following:

Delete your card(s) via iCloud with "Find My iPhone" or via your "Apple ID account page". Follow the following steps:

1 Open the "Find My iPhone" app or go to
2 Click on "Find my iPhone". Select the device and click on "Report as lost".
3 It will not be possible to make a payment with Apple Pay after that.

You can also call if you want to block your XXImo mobility card immediately. To do so, call 0900 1980 from the Netherlands and from abroad call: +31 30 304 0641

Please note: If your phone is stolen, you can block your entire phone via iCloud (which also blocks Apple Pay).

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Need immediate assistance?

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