Are you ready to change the game?

Are you ready to change the game?

Adapt, accelerate and grow your business with
modular mobility and payment solution components

Are you a Mobility company in the UK? Then you can already feel it happening all around you: the paradigm is shifting. Our mobility market has been stuck in a rut for a long time, but change is coming…

And you are going to lead the way in your industry.

As a challenger in the mobility market, you are in a unique position to shake things up. You are more agile, you’ve got vision and we have the technology to get you where you want to go. It’s time to activate your #AttackMode and speed up your business growth.

XXImo’s smart mobility solution components enable you to Change the Game and come out a winner.

Agile & Awesome

We're all about enabling new ways to grow your business. Discover our modular and customisable solutions and get inspiration from use cases from our partners Unilever and Leaseplan.

Join the fastest growing Mobility Network in Europe
"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. What are you going to do about it?"

Nick Pannell, Country Director UK & Ireland

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Meet our Country Director

"Bringing XXImo to the UK is about leading the way in mobility, and bringing genuine innovation to a sector dominated for too long by slow-moving giants. I’m often told the UK market is a “fuel card market”, but I don’t think that way. XXImo is here to accelerate the growth of real “mobility as a service” solutions in the UK, and to show the existing market leaders that new trends, segments, technologies and ways of working are not to be ignored. We want to help the UK market to enter the new age of mobility, and give companies the confidence to take the next steps into the future."

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Meet our Head of Partner Development

"With the current state of play in UK mobility, particularly in the fuel and EV charging industries, adaptability is key. Startups are able to move faster, adapt quickly to new technology, and grow rapidly as a result. There’s no reason that the more traditional market leaders in the industry cannot do the same, but they would need to change their current mindset to do so."

The future is now.

XXImo stands for convenience and innovation in mobility. That's why we were the first in Europe to make our mobility card available for Google Pay and Apple Pay. This offers many advantages to enhance your customer experience and grow your business.

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We enable flexible business growth and innovation

We are XXImo, the full-service platform for multimodal corporate travel and expense management, and we are here to help you enter the new age of mobility and accelerate your business.

XXImo is known for modern mobility solutions that make life easier for consumers, and enables businesses to accelerate with innovative technology. As a strategic partner in modern mobility solutions, we help European mobility companies to take their challenger position to the next level and redefine the status quo. Whether you are a leasing company, an oil company, or a CPO, our modular platform enables you to redefine the existing market and take advantage of new opportunities, today. Using smart building blocks, we enhance your existing products and services without you having to take on development and deal with the associated costs, resources, and risks involved.

Become a partner of XXImo to grow your business, offer increased convenience to your customers and put your mobility service on the map.

XXImo and Visa have been making mobility easier and more accessible for over a decade now. Visa is the most widely accepted and most secure payment platform in the world. The XXImo mobility card uses the Visa network to facilitate transactions for mobility.
Thanks to the Visa network, we offer the highest levels of security and convenience in payment. With that, we’re happy to share our knowledge and experience when it comes to levelling up your business.
Managed solutions
Over the years we have developed a host of high-quality payment and admin tools, built a wide network of partners in Europe, and ensured that every development was held to a high standard of security, compliance and regulation.
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