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About XXImo

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Our story

We travel a lot in our working lives. To and from between home and office. From one client to another, one country to the next. From here to there, from A to B. Wherever work takes us.

And we go whichever way suits us best: alert behind the wheel, laid back using public transport, or braving the outdoors pedalling full-on! Preferably with no C02 footprint, no traffic jams, and no delays. With so many transport options – owned or shared – mobility has become a puzzle with ever-more pieces. How to keep the overview? How to make travel flexible for employees while at the same time cutting costs and emissions? How to give your people freedom of choice within the budget limits?

In a world where mobility is fast becoming more complex, we make the answers simple. Together, the XXImo platform, the Milo app and the Visa network create an ecosystem for every imaginable travel plan. One solution for all your mobility goals.

Make business travel easy. Choose flexible mobility management – with XXImo.

Our success

Every day, we’re working on making mobility even more accessible and more fun. This way, mobility is becoming smarter, more flexible and more sustainable by the day.

We too of course understand that every organisation is unique, which is why our platform can be set up according to your preferences. Without the administrative hassle and with control over costs for the employer.

We can tell you so much more. About what we all do and what our interests are. We are enthusiastic and passionate about that.

But let’s summarise it instead. This at the same time gives you a good idea of our success factors.

Thanks to the Visa network, we offer the highest levels of security and convenience in payment. With that, we’re happy to share our knowledge and experience when it comes to your mobility policy.
We bring international travel, corporate mobility and expense management together in one solution. You determine where XXImo can be used.
Questions, compliments, complaints and ideas? We’re here for you 24/7
Our team

The driving force behind the XXImo Platform is our enthusiastic team. Each day, we’re working with about 85 colleagues on our mission to make corporate mobility easier and more fun. From our three in Utrecht (Netherlands), Munich (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium) and Reading (UK) we serve the business market throughout Europe.

This makes us an international player. Our local account managers have in-depth knowledge of specific market conditions, laws and mobility options.

Our customers

We’ve been working for many different clients for over a decade. The result: more than 150,000 employees now use XXImo’s innovative mobility and payment services through their employer.

We work for all a wide variety of organisations in many different industries. Whether they are banks or insurers, leasing companies, utility companies, IT companies, consultancy or communication agencies, our mobility services always provides a seamless fit. XXImo supports multinationals, SMEs, self-employed people and (semi-)public organisations in all matters surrounding corporate mobility.

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