Can I travel with the Intercity Direct?

NS charges a surcharge to travel with an Intercity Direct. You must credit this surcharge to the mobility card prior to the train journey. You can do this at a Surcharge Kiosk on the departure platform, at an NS ticket machine or at the station’s service desk. How does this work?

1 On the departure platform, hold your mobility card in front of the reader of the Surcharge Kiosk.

You’ve now purchased the Intercity Direct surcharge for a single trip.

2 At your final destination, you check out at NS.

You no longer have to do anything at the Surcharge Kiosk.

3 Travelling with the Intercity Direct for your return journey as well?

Repeat the above steps.

4 Need to cancel the Surcharge?

Hold your card in front of the Surcharge Kiosk reader again within 30 minutes.

Your employer determines whether the costs for using the Intercity Direct (the surcharge) are payable by you or not.

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