Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants

Pay with the mobility card

Hotels and restaurants

In addition to mobility costs, you can also use our mobility card to pay for other work-related matters, such as a lunch with a business partner. XXImo offers the option of using the mobility card as a Visa card for such business transactions.

Paying for hotels and restaurants
Your mobility card as a payment card
Flexible and adjustable
Decide for yourself which mobility cards have this payment option enabled
Safe and secure
As you can expect from Visa!
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This is how it works

The payment option can be enabled per mobility card, that is determined by you as the employer. Employees with the payment option enabled on their mobility cards can pay for hotels and restaurants at all locations where Visa is accepted as a method of payment. That’s practically everywhere, because Visa is the most widely accepted method of payment across the globe! What’s more, paying with a Visa credit card is secure; which means paying with your XXImo payment card is too.

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Additional mobility options

In the Netherlands, XXImo gives you access to many different mobility options and we are also happy to help with your trips abroad. Do you need airline tickets or international train tickets? A rental car, taxi or meeting room? Or are you travelling by car and need to refuel or e-charge abroad? You can do all that and more. All you need is the XXImo mobility card and our handy Milo app. All these options offer ultimate flexibility. You simply decide which options you want to use. Only those options will be ‘on’.

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