Expense claim app

Expense claim app

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Free your business from receipts and forms

Sounds familiar? A desk full of receipts and an employee with his hands in his hair. Business receipts for expense claims often means a lot of hassle. The paperwork is stacking up, receipts are lost and the entire administration of things quickly becomes a time-consuming exercise. All of this is time you’d rather spend differently. So you want to change that quickly. Make employees happy and use the handy Milo app for all your expense claims. Milo makes submitting expense claims easy.

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Milo: your help in administration

Do your employees use XXImo for their business trips? In that case, in addition to the mobility card, they also have the free Milo app at their disposal. Milo helps with everything related to mobility: access to mobility, bookings, travel, payment, searching locations, navigation, registration, administrating and submitting expense claims.

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Claiming kilometres

Have your employees travelled using their private means of transport? In the app, they can arrange the trip registration and kilometre expense claim. You no longer need pen and paper. The expense claim function in the app makes the claims process for kilometres travelled super easy. The official approval that follows submitting the expense claim is of course also part of this process.

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