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Can I temporarily increase my balance by making a credit payment?

You can only increase your balance in the interim by making a credit payment. See the steps below for details. If you transfer the amount before 14:30, the credit will be added to the balance on your card on the following working day. If you transfer the amount after 14:30, the credit will be on your card on the second working day following payment.

1 Determine the amount of the extra credit required
2 Find your XXImo customer number.

This is the 8-digit customer number listed on the front of your XXImo mobility card under your name (i.e. not the card number).

3 Transfer the amount to ABN Amro account IBAN NL92ABNA0504017500 in the name of XXImo B.V.

Enter only the XXImo customer number as a reference.

4 Your current card balance is displayed in the Milo app.
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