Car wash

Car wash

A clean car makes the right impression. And its done in an instant!

The right impression for your company

Do you often travel by car when visiting customers? Arriving in a clean car makes the right impression. After all, a clean car is representative of your company. Or do you want your employees to get a bucket and sponge out themselves? No! With the mobility card they can drive directly into the car wash.

No advance payments and no expense claims to submit
Extensive offer
Wide choice of car washes
No need to search
The Milo app shows and navigates
One VAT invoice
All costs in one overview
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This is how it works

Is the Car wash service enabled? Great, because this means the XXImo mobility card can be used at any car wash where Visa is accepted as a method of payment. The Milo app lists all the nearest car washes where you can wash and rinse your car with XXImo at your convenience. Car wash selected? Simply navigate directly to the location using the Milo mobility app. So you never have to search again!

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One invoice for everything

Make it easy for your employees and they always arrive in a clean car. Exactly how you intended. Besides, it’s a doddle in terms of the administration. All washes are clearly shown on one VAT invoice, along with other expenses such as parking and refuelling. No more wading through piles of receipts and expense claims!

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