Mobility budget in practice

Mobility budget in practice

This is how it works with XXImo

The world of mobility is constantly in flux. The way in which we travel and work is changing; we are much more likely to work partly from home and partly at the office or other locations. What’s more, employees’ travel requirements are changing. These days, not everyone wants a company car – they would rather be more flexible. And they can, because the range of alternative forms of transport available has grown explosively in recent years. The new legislation on mobility budgets offers greater opportunities to obtain fiscal benefits from the use of alternative, sustainable modes of transport.

How does the mobility budget work in practice?

Tom De Vlaminck works for Janssens B.V. and drives to and from the head office in his lease car five days a week. That isn’t good for the environment, plus he spends a lot of time in traffic jams. He has agreed to start car pooling with some of his colleagues... But that’s not all: from next year, Tom will get a monthly mobility budget of € 250 and he has decided to exchange his car for a smaller one.

Tom can use the difference in budget to spend more on alternative mobility. In the future, he will use it to pay for a shared car or shared bike and will take the train once a week. In addition, Tom works from home one day a week, which not only saves on time and fuel but also on his mobility budget. Tom could decide to use that saving to take his family to the seaside by train at the weekend. Tom pays for all of these different types of travel with the XXImo Mobility Card.

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Benefits for employer and employee

Facilitating all business (and some other) travel movements for Tom and his colleagues is easily done with a single tool; XXImo. Because XXImo enables a so-called split, which effectively means every employee has two pots of money: one for professional expenditures, such as a taxi ride to see a customer, and one for their mobility budget, which Tom and his colleagues use to pay for commuter travel and other travel costs.

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