Flexible salary package and mobility options

This is how the Cafeteria Plan works

With a Cafeteria Plan, you can offer your employees a personalised flexible salary package. They get a budget and then choose from a range of various attractive benefits such as insurance, pensions, mobility, electronics and training. As the employer, you decide the level of the budget, how it is financed (often through the end-of-year bonus) and the offering. All without increasing payroll costs for your business.

Your employees get to choose annually, giving them the convenience of making adjustments as their situation changes. Freedom of choice and flexibility for your employees, whilst you get to be seen as an attractive employer. A win-win, in other words!

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Mobility options in your Cafeteria Plan

A popular choice is to include mobility options in your Cafeteria Plan. How about a mobility card to pay for all forms of public transport, shared transport or even parking? The options also include a fuel card with a particular budget or a debit card to pay for refuelling abroad. Everything is possible!

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Mobility card

If you choose mobility as part of the Cafeteria Plan, XXImo is the provider for you. With our multimodal Mobility Card, your employees can use all forms of transport, paid for out of a digital budget. They don’t have to advance and claim back any of the costs, everything is automatically taken care of by XXImo.

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Milo app

On top of the Mobility Card, employees also receive our free Milo app. They can use the app to arrange, plan and pay for mobility services. Plus they can view an up-to-date summary of their budget and expenditures at any time. Which is handy for them and avoids unpleasant surprises.

Mobiliteitsopties opnemen in uw cafetariaplan?

We’ll be happy to show you how it works

  • To actually put our ambitions into practice, we have found the right partner in XXImo. Now we can arrange everything related to mobility with one platform, both for the employee and for Unilever itself

    Charlotte Potman

    Manager of Labor Relations

  • "It must be possible for mobility to move along with the needs of the employee. Together with the account manager of XXImo, I looked at how we could best structure this. He comes up with good ideas, helps answer all questions and prepares communication. That’s nice"

    Pierre van der Loo,

    Compensation & Benefits Atos

  • What I like about XXImo as a supplier is that they really move with the times. Like CWT, XXImo has an international outlook, keeps its knowledge up to date and regularly adds new mobility options or features. As a customer, it’s great to know you're working with an innovative party that is really on top of things.

    Dalila Elouarti

    HR Specialist

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