Managing costs

Managing costs

Reduce your mobility expenses

How much do you spend when it comes to corporate mobility? That’s often more than you think. There are fixed costs and variable costs, such as season tickets, lease cars and expense claims for travel by private transport. And don’t forget the costs of administrating and processing. Fortunately, there are many ways to save on mobility costs. XXImo helps you in this.

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Mobility can be more flexible and more economical

Public transport season tickets are outdated. As are lease cars that are parked up. Switch to flexible forms of mobility and only pay for actual use. You can with our all-in-one mobility card, which provides access to all forms of mobility. Employees enjoy flexibility in their choice of travel and you keep control of costs. Everything is adjustable, so you determine which travel options are enabled and which are not.

Would you like to know more about managing costs?

The fact that you can manage your mobility costs is a reassuring thought. You only want to refuel at the cheaper petrol stations and not along the motorway? In that case, we only switch on those locations for you. By the way, this flexibility in switching options on and off applies to all our mobility services. And if you want to differentiate in the reimbursement of kilometre expense claims, that’s possible too. The following applies to everything: you decide, we make it happen.

What others say
  • We started using the XXImo for all our lease drivers four years ago at the recommendation of our lease company. It turned out to be good move, because we no longer have separate claims flows, we offer employees travel convenience and at the same time keep a good grip on costs

    Liesbeth van den Hoek

    HR Advisor

  • "With XXImo’s parking solution, employees no longer have to advance parking fees and submit expense claims. Everything is taken care of automatically with the mobility card + app. An additional advantage is that we can also reclaim the VAT through the monthly invoice, which is not possible with expense claims"

    Erika Vandekerkhove

    Fleet & Facilities Coordinator

  • "We want to increase the ease of use of business travel, but at the same time reduce the administrative burden for Deloitte. In XXImo we have found the right partner for this."

    Harry Vlaardingerbroek

    Chief Workplace Officer

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